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Aurora Spirit

Gin-infused marmelade

Gin-infused marmelade

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Have a taste of Lyngen! 

Aurora Spirit's Locally Produced Gin Marmalade – a delectable fusion of locally sourced ingredients and the finest botanicals. Crafted with care and precision, this marmalade is a flavorful celebration of our commitment to quality and community.

Savor the essence of our Arctic-distilled gin infused into every jar. Locally produced with love, the marmalade captures the spirit of the North in every tangy and citrusy spoonful. The handpicked botanicals that define our gin lend a unique character, creating a marmalade that's as distinct as it is delicious.

Elevate your breakfast or add a gourmet touch to your culinary creations with Aurora Spirit's Gin Marmalade. With each jar, you're not just indulging in a delightful spread; you're supporting local producers and savoring the authentic taste of the Arctic. Taste the spirit of our community in every jar – Aurora Spirit's Locally Produced Gin Marmalade, where tradition meets innovation on your palate.

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Perfect gift!

amazing flavours of Lyngen

just amazing wow